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Industrial LED lighting

It is essential to be cost-effective if you want to remain competitive in the industrial segment. Saving money is not only the question of employment and workflow. By optimizing energy consumption – primarily on lighting – you can save a significant amount of money on a long term. Using the appropriate spectrum of light will allow your employees to work more efficiently, which will lead your company to increased revenue.
Quality lighting is also important for security – who needs an accident at work caused by poor lighting? The ROI of our industrial LED tubes can be as little as 1 year and the cost of our high-bay lighting within 3 years, depending on how much and how often the lights are used.

In-store LED lighting

You might not think that the right lighting is an important driver of your business. Actually, it can be one of your most important marketing tools, as it makes you visible! Good lighting makes the environment more comfortable and the pleasant atmosphere created by decorative LED lighting can increase customer visits and business volume. You can use spotlights to highlight certain products in the window display or elswhere in the store without losing their original color, as LED lights do not emit harmful UV and infrared rays.
In fact, the color of products lit by LED lights will be much more intense and spectacular. All LED light sources the range of Bravolight are quality products from recognized brands with verified origin. The LEDs purchased at our site meet all the safety standards, so they do not harm your eyes.

Office LED lighting

The right lighting is also essential for all workers. Using LEDs will not only make your envireonment more comfortable, it will also allow you to work more efficiently. LED lights are not vibrating, so by using them, you can avoid eye damage and unpleasant headaches. Lighting can also have an impact on your hormones and on your general sense of wellbeing.
In contrast to previous office lighing solutions, LEDs will create a better work environment and will reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs. We have several lights in our collection, all available in surface-mounted, recessed and hanging forms.

LED in catering

The success of your restaurant, bar or hotel can be highly influenced by the quality of illumination. We know first impressions are essential, and it is almost impossible to make a great first experience without perfect mood and quality lighting solutions. It is a crucial that you be able to create either coziness or an intense lighting atmosphere for your guests. It is crucial to be able to create either coziness or an intense lighting atmosphere for your guests. In this you might really benefit from LED lights with adjustable brightness and colors. In addition, with LEDs you can easily highlight and illuminate foods, drinks, and cakes that require cooling, because LED light sources have no heat emission. At counters of steakhouses it is also recommended to use LEDs since this way the meat does not darken or turn brown therefore you can offer your dishes in an attractive red color. Depending on your current technology, your investment can be returned within a year or less.

Smart LED

Light sources in your home are not only illumination. Let’s discover the unlimited creativity offered by smart lighting from Bravolight!
Let’s make your home or offce unique with the system of Philips Hue, which can be installed and controlled easily. All you need is a starter kit, a smartphone and an installed free app. The center of the system is the Bridge included in the starter kit as well. This is literally a bridge between the smart device and the Philips Hue light sources. You can simultaneously connect even 50 lamps and other devices to a single Bridge. The Bridge connects your intelligent lighting system to the Internet so you can control your devices remotely or operate from other smart services.

Technical support

The Bravolight team has substantial technical experience of almost 10 years. The young engineer team offers customer friendly solutions from entry level to highly sophisticated, intelligent lighting systems.
Our colleagues provide technical consultation and assessment of lighting with onsite inspection, all over the country. After the assesment, we examine the development opportunities and create the documentation with the measured values. According to these data, the process of lighting planning and decision preparation can be started, which includes conception plans and 3D lighting plans modelling the expected level of illumination. We support the process of decision making with complex calculations using TCO and ROI approach. These figures indicate exactly how much can be spared by the company with the modernization.

Lighting Planning

In case of new investments or greater renovations it is inevitable to elaborate detailed plans on the development and implementation. The professionals of Bravolight have a decade long experience in the field of lighting planning, hence the expected light values can be accurately modeled according to detailed 3Dplans.
As part of the electrical plan, the lighting plan is suitable to define the lamp bodies and light sources necessary to satisfy the ideal lighting level, and to prevent errors like being dazzled by glare. During the planning process, our experts determine the precise flux calibration and make a proposal to the necessary light sources, by calculating the diminishing luminous power during aging. This way the lighting levels can be predicted precisely for the total lifetime.


Thanks to the solid financial position of Bravogroup we can participate in financing lighting technology projects through cost saving solutions, embedded in the ESCO model.
Our experienced professionals support you in the financial planning as we provide services from making an assessment, then elaborating bids to financing – all from one hand.
TAO support available for lighting modernization:
Did you know? From 2017, according to the Corporation Tax Act you can receive a subsidy for investments including lighting modernization projects to the extent of 30-50 percent, depending on business size, within 5 fiscal years after the investment.
Entrust your project management task to us.

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The Bravolight team has substantial technical experience of almost 10 years. The young engineer team offers customer friendly solutions from entry level to highly sophisticated, intelligent lighting systems.

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